Pain Can Change a Person

She draws the bath again. The water cascades onto her broken limbs; for a moment there is relief. The scars carry stories she has yet to tell, but knows she has found the courage to speak. And the cycle continues: pain, fight, improve, decline. Pain, fight, improve, then decline. It could drive even the strongest soul into madness but not hers. She has sat inbetween the realms of turning into a ghost then coming back alive again. Fallen into the shadows, forgotten and left to the erosion of time. Fallen into a battle that never ends but always begins.

But she washes away the pain and tears of the day, as if they never existed each night. And the sun rises, the cycle awaits, but each smile she creates makes it worth it all. Each hand that reaches out to break her fall, makes it worth it all. Because even pain can teach us something; make us treasure the smallest gestures of a good soul, inhale the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning, and make us grateful for all the moments some people take for granted.

(This is especially for my fellow crps warriors out there). ❤

Live Another Day

You took everything away

You took everything away

Now there’s nothing left to say

Cuz’ you took everything away

Had to go astray

Save myself that day

Pushed me down in the mud

Felt like a schoolgirl blinded by an illusional love

Just a fallen angel from above

Never to send a message from my dove

Oh, broken feet

Broken dreams

Crawling on my knees

It seems for centuries

Bruised beyond belief

Trauma induced leaps

Of faith

Only to end up in a heap

On the floor

Oh, on the floor

Two times

Three no more

I don’t even want to keep score

Just want to pretend to be the bore

You thought you knew

Make you think

You took everything away

You took everything away

Now I have nothing left to say

Cuz’ you tried to take everything away

But I still live another day

I still love while you lay

In darkness

Pretending you’ve seen the light.


All the animals roam the streets

While flowers grow between concrete

Empty places devoid of life

Our sacrifice to undo the divide

So hold on

It’s healing

Hold on

To all those feelings

After all the insanity is done

We will emerge as one

We will emerge as one

Why Happiness is Reality Minus Expectations is Unrealistic

Someone left me with this quote to ponder about. I am a firm believer every situation we go through has something to teach us; even the garbage experiences. So here’s my mic drop to those who follow this quote as if they’re some kind of deep intellectual. Haha.

Having low expectations in order to achieve fulfillment might seem like a good idea but it’s not realistic. Expectations are impossible to eliminate. To do so would be lowering your morals, standards, and inviting low energy vampires into your life. If you desire your reality to be filled with low vibrational energy go right ahead. If that’s your idea of happiness then I pity you because you’re selling yourself short. What an injustice to yourself!

Following some quote like this as if it is the answer to avoiding disappointment is avoidance of a necessary emotion: pain. Pain can transform into one of the most powerful teachers you’ll ever know. As a society, I think we have avoided feeling pain by never risking showing compassion to others out of fear of being hurt. The reality is we miss out of real connection when we avoid expectations. It’s simple. People either fulfill you or drain you. Avoiding this equation for happiness actually makes it a lot easier to make decisions in life. Yes, some of those decisions will cause yourself or others pain but it is necessary. To live by this quote is to not embrace your subconscious, which is part of who you are. These expectations can actually protect us from not settling for situations and people who are not right for our path. And once you see the whole picture, the pain of leaving things behind that do not serve you becomes less of an obstacle. Learning to preserve your own happiness in the face of obstacles threatening to uproot it, is the way to happiness. Not only are you being authentic to yourself but also to the world around you.

Not Even a Sound

Can’t trust anyone

All out for themselves

Can’t see clearly

Beyond yourselves

Grab the money

Discard the love

Fall in line

Embrace the hell


All my tears extinguish the flames

All the lonely nights already came

All the knives are on the ground

I won’t speak to any of you

Not even a sound

What goes around must come down


Can’t believe anyone

All full of lies

Can’t even speak

Without their ego aside

I’m always apologizing

For their misplaced pride

Told to be an optimist

While their pessimism resides

Projection won’t save any of you

From what you truly feel inside

How can you feel while living a lie?

Rise from the Dust

Sold me a lie

I had to keep deep inside

Sold me a line

That couldn’t withstand time

Now my heart is in a bind

Wrapped in the devil energy

That made you blind


Nothing can save you from yourself

Not me, no one else

Tried to bring love

But you put me on a shelf

Now you had to watch me melt

Turn to ashes then rise from the dust


Sold me a dream

I thought was a reality

Sold me what to believe

Rather than the fallacy

Now I am drowning in what I can’t see

Wrapped in the current of what could be.