At the Drive-In Helped me Drive into the Future

There is a band that has changed my life. And I know you are probably thinking “OMFG another one of these psycho fans who can’t shut the heck up”  but I felt the need to write about them. I have written to them and wish I saved a copy of the letter but it is literally in the hands of the band in exchange for their autographs which still hang upon my wall like they just came in the mail yesterday. Anyways they took the time to respond to a girl from bumfuck ny and be my inspiration for the rest of my life.  The first time I heard them it was like hearing my own thoughts on paper. The sparatic, irrational, sometimes unlegiable lyrics infused into my brain until there was nothing but emotion. Pure emotions. Sadness, anger, fear, and bliss. Everything made sense. The world became beautiful no matter what emotion was dominating my brain. Their beliefs, the way they lived, their friendships, inspired me to live as I wanted and disregard those nagging social norms which usually leave people isolated and angry in the end. They helped me understand it was ok to feel anger or fear or sadness or bliss all at once or in a sequence. It was life. Everyone feels one way and different the next. There is no need to pop a pill for it, jump off a cliff, or drink a glass of wine out of the guilt of being human. Society will judge you no matter what you are feeling, so just be true to the moment, embrace what is real….and if listening to your favorite band reminds you of that then listen until your ears bleed. Someday there will be nothing but silence but for now there is sound. Thank you ATDI for showing me I am not alone in how I feel. 

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