The bank, CVS and Mall

Went to the bank and they wanted me to once again yell my social security number though the teller which they are too cheap to fix so the car next to you doesn’t hear your entire transaction. Apparently they could not find my account i have had for 5 years repeatidly because someone likes to spell my last name like this: Lavarron…maybe that sounds more French but c’mon wtf haha. How do these people have jobs?


Went to CVS for a money order and some crazy old lady comes up and starts freaking out over ciggarettes. “Put them Pall Malls in the newspaper there and place them in the bag! Quick!” My transaction isn’t done and she is so close to me I can see the valleys and peaks thoughout her face. She insults a young guy behind me about how he isn’t dressed to pick up chicks while she franticly watches the pall malls lol. Only in JC lol.


Went to the mall and a guy thought I budged in line when I was in line properly. I will let that slide he said. What happened to courtesy towards women? He didn’t know if he was up and just bc i took initative he decides to say shit to me during the transaction like knows me. It is a line…if you can’t figure out where it starts and ends you can wait for the intelligent people to figure it out before you. Idiot. Only in Binghamton. 😉 


This area blows but makes for some unique experiences.

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