The Facebook Complex

Facebook has the capability to make any person feel as if it is them vs  their idea of other people. It creates a store bought picture still left inside of the frame vision of other peoples lives. Which can easily lead to a state of depression stemming from a lack of self-worth or make one feel less than another. All too many times do I hear of other people gossiping about a person who is or isn’t “making it.” We all are guilty of it. We all sit and compare ourselves to other people everyday, whether it is at the grocery store or on facebook it is human behavior to look at another person and relate or perhaps not relate to them. But when society creates an appartatus that places everyone you know or have known neatly into a website you can access non-stop that convience can become an inconvience.  

Facebook almost distorts life experiences when everyone seems like a hallmark commercial with no behind the scenes coverage. There is realistically no way everyone is playing with animals, taking a vacation, drinking a margarita, and having a temper tantrum free moments with their children all the time. Raising children is not easy at all, even vacations can become a diaster, and your margarita might be just too damn sour. We have all been at the point where everything seems to go wrong at once so why not display it? Is there a desire to display only the good in society and not the bad? Of course. We all know certain news stations will refuse to cover stories which would make the general public beyond uncomfortable so in a sense FB users are censoring themselves to appear in the light not the dark. The reasons behind it most of the time are fear and rejection. When someone has built themselves up on social networking they do not want to experience a downfall. I don’t blame them but it is only a matter of time before a life challenge comes to the plate to test your character.

           I will give an example….a generic one we all know too well.  If a person goes through a breakup it seems the minite it happens with the click of a button every single person has the ability to react to it. And most of the time when someone is broken they will desire compassion from another and this is the way they attempt to get it. But it ends up leaving the person exposed like a do gooder who decided to go bad one night. Everything that has been built up now is just a memory on the site which no longer brings a positive feeling but a feeling of shame. And every person that clicks on your timeline you know will see how your life events now shaped your entire demeanour at that point. They might feel bad for you, think you whine too much, or perhaps just defriend you. Hopefully a person has support enough be given some kind of sympathy but not everyone does. Not everyone starts off with the same deck of cards. 

The truth is everyone does desire some kind of connection with another human being which is the whole point of facebook initially. Not to push society apart but to bring them together in a convienient manner so you can keep in touch, and not feel completely ashamed of the past either or the future for that matter. A feeling of acceptance though should not come from Facebook, or even society as a whole, it should come from your own vision of who you want to be and the execution of it should be fulfilling. Not everyone will have kids, find a stress free good paying job, and live a golden lifestyle. Someone might not desire having children, a high paying job, and a materialstic lifestyle. Someone might just want one of the three, or even two of the three. Just because a person doesn’t have what another person has doesn’t mean they are doing something wrong, it just means they are discovering who they are. Every single person should feel able to express their own desires in life with no added pressure from social networking to sway into another direction. We all suffer alike but no two lives are alike even if they are spent in the same time portal. Every person is unque with their own perceptions, ideas, aspirations and should embrace it rather than feel obliged to stay in a constructed bubble like facebook. 

(Thank you if you took the time to read this) 

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