I Know People Like their Meds but I Think We Really Need Understanding

I don’t want to sit here and make this annoying for all of you and great for me because that would derail my point like a car into a telephone pole. For a very long time I never told anyone of my issues, masking them with music, video games and random hobbies. I am not going to lie it was really fun at times when I was younger when I look back. No rent, no bills, video games galore, a nice bedroom, and refrigerator. It seemed to work for a while, however, the anxiety was always there no matter what. I started to believe I needed medication. I had no idea why but I guess it was a urge to fit in and take the advice of others. I started to think anxiety was bad. I felt like my anxiety was ruining my life when before it was a driving force inside me. But the human mind can create situations and ideas in a second. Once you believe it doesn’t make it the reality. Here’s an example. If I could stop the anxiety I could be socially accepted I thought. The truth is I won’t be accepted no matter what. Everyone cannot accept a person because everyone is different and some people are just straight up annoying to be around. To seek this kind of ultimate acceptance is to cheat your soul out of real development. To take a drug to change your brain is to cheat your brain out of its natural function. And if its natural function is unnatural then so be it. No persons brain is exactly alike which is why the world is so diverse. Our perceptions are ultimately all we have. If anxiety rules yours then try to find a way to combat it with creativity. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to create something artistic out of a bad emotion. When the battle is over and you look at the piece it is not just a physical feat but a mental one as well. I believe every human has a creative energy they must tap into in order to cope with their surroundings. Think about it. We live in an unnatural environment. There are roads, trash everywhere, pollution in the air, water supply is tainted and food as well. Every single day we as people must fight our environment physically and mentally. This constant battle can wear down the spirit of a person like sandpaper upon your heart. Over a period of time a person becomes less than what they were. Their activities decrease just like the number of people in their lives and everything becomes a chore. We all know this feeling deep down inside and the only way to combat it is to reconnect with your creative energy. Whether it is a new job that allows you to do so or making time once a week to work on a project. If the mind can focus on a task then it can focus enough to become aware of the anxiety before it manifests. Making the mind aware of its own per say misfiring is I believe an easy way to control the issue. It will not eliminate it but it will help a thought from becoming a situation.

You cannot expect another person to know what is going on in your head. They might have their own annoying thoughts going around as well to cope with. They are not perfect either but you can be an example of a functioning person with your response. Next time it happens think of something that makes you laugh. Anything and imagine it. Your tone will change before you speak. It will be at least served with a smile. I believe humor is the true medication for anxiety as well. If someone gets angry at a clown it just makes the angry person look silly, right? Haha.


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