I Think, I Feel

I think I found him

he was hiding behind a bunch of girls

who didn’t matter at the bar

just waiting for me to come along

cuz’ I usually don’t like to be the fawn

being chase around as if I am in heat

but the fire hasn’t been lit

so I usually don’t complete

a thought with another

let alone meet

and come out of cover

but this battle has been eating me alive inside

I can only hold down my pride and try

to keep my heart from frostbite

but I somehow end up in the middle of a storm

end up the last person home…

and always alone…


he was there

in the cold

he gave the warmth

that makes me moan

bite my lip like a child

yet feel so grown…

laugh until I love

until I believe

everything done by man

can be undone

by a sincere hand…..


I think I found him

in the rhythm of his body

the instructional manual is of no use

for love this wild and loose

is rooted in past despair

of never finding anyone to care

and until our eyes met…

time didn’t exist baby

no one could save me

from hibernating

with my own frostbitten heart….

no one could break my cycle

of being torn apart

by my own nurturing hand

knew the blood on my sleeves

would eventually be seen

by the eyes who mirror mine..

and I am no longer afraid of myself

I am in essence beside myself with you…


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