Less Than and More Than

Those two phrases can be wrapped up in everything from math to philosophy. We tend to think of things as initially missing components. We tend to think of ourselves and other people as robots without a source of power at times. But we must be careful not to lose our sense of adventure and being for the world is a master of creation as far as experiences. And these experiences perhaps make us realize what we do lack which is not a negative thing. To be able to introspect and understand who you are and who you want to be is the most important thing. To admit faults and forgive others for those is essential to build a happy life. It is almost as if you must face the lacking parts of yourself in order to gain anything. And if you do gain insights you must also be careful to not let them make you feel invincible. As humans when we are up we do not want to go down. We all hate when we are running down a hill in excitement and boom you get a mouth full of dirt. However, there is really no meaning or reason for the dirt. It is just there like you, like everyone else. It is there waiting for an assigned meaning. Perhaps taking a face of dirt can be lame to you and you learn nothing but that dirt tastes bad. Or perhaps you see the dirt in your eyes actually opened them to the fact that life is just an absurd game of up and down and you should expect some kind of dirt in the bottom of your ice cream dish. We inscribe meaning through language and visuals all the time but realistically every mind does not experience the same exact situation the same way all the time. However, when we do it reminds us the importance of human connectivity is not to judge another but to share a common emotion in the same moment. It creates a feeling of not being completely alone when in actuality we all are but we all do need each other. We all need to ditch a less than and more than attitude and just be who we are.

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