The Blame Blame Baby (Lady Gaga Parody)

I can’t help myself I’m addicted to the strife of


It’s some kind of performance, I’m driven

to oppose the majority

All we care about is, greed, bmw’s,

and wine bottles

Give me something I can be, retro influenced

Hollywood yes we die for the


Doin’ it and it’s all for


Cuz we wanna die in the life of the sick and

the followed

Doin’ it for the deathly Game

Cuz everyone wants to live the life of the wealthy

and famous


Doin’ it for the


cuz we gotta drink the chardonnay and infinity

of fortune

Fame Fame maybe

The fame fame

We live for the blame blame baby

but we think it’s really fame fame

It’s a shame shame maybe

A blame game maybe

Isn’t it the same same baby

When it comes to fame flame baby

The fame fame….

I can see myself at the strip club with my

face in the neon lights

photographs in my mind and whatever on

the internet you find

All I care about is pornographic surprise

and fake handcuffs

Give me something, I wanna feel anything and

Nice blondes in all kinds of positions


doin’ it for the deathly game

Doin’ it but themselves

blame comes around

cuz we wanna live the life of the privileged and


the poor….

Doin’ it for the
Cuz we gotta taste the dick

and call it fortune…

Blame Blame baby

the blame blame

We live for the blame game baby

Isn’t if a guilt trip baby

A shame shame baby

in It for the money money baby

but really get the blame blame

Don’t ask me when and where

but I’m gonna get somewhere then nowhere

It will be my worst fucking nightmare

Don’t ask me how I got here

But I’m gonna make it to nowhere

My worst f’n nightmare

Don’t ask me how or why

But I’m gonna make it with all my assets tonight….

Yeah I’m gonna make it alright….



Doin’ it for the blame!

Cuz’ we wanna live the life of the insane and

don’t blame us


Doin’ it for the

insane Cuz we gotta drink the best wine and endless

keg of fortune

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