Forgotten or Remembered?

Hold me for awhile

I feel like a battered animal

Found on the side of the road

Left to the forces of nature

Left to be forgotten

Left perhaps for the one person out of hundreds

Who will stop to check my breath

It either one or the other in this world

The worst or the best from a bad situation

I know this too well

This familiar feeling creeping its way in on me

The familiar light spinning all around me

Creating a kind of depth I cannot make sense of

But enjoy trying to

But would enjoy trying to with someone

Who could matter

Who could save me from the road

Could save me from my own nature

Could bind me to them from my feet to my face

Could show me the world is still the same

Show me I just grew tired of the same ol stuff

Sitting in the same ol place

So I pushed everything into different spots

creating the illusion I now cannot ignore

but he will make me see it is all the same…

and find comfort in knowing no matter how much

The mind sees things as rearranged

The negative of the image still exists…


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