What Happened to my Doc

So what happens when you can’t see a doctor just because you cannot reach a person on the phone?  Is there some kind of waiver you can get until you get a real person on the phone? Or should you just expect nothing? So far I have tried countless times and been on hold for hours of my life already. If I try to call a local agency I am told to call the healthcare.gov phone number off the site. It feels like being trapped in one of those rodent mazes while all these higher up beings stand outside watching your confusion with the biggest grin on their faces. I just want to find a loophole to escape and I know one exists since quite frankly everything is a mess right now for certain people. Most will not complain who have had a good experience thus far simply because they are not part of the 18 million who will soon be told “well we can’t help you because you are above poverty but below the income needed for good insurance.” Check out this link.


Anyways, medicaid cutoff is $806 in NYS in one month. If you make 900 I hope you aren’t going to pay much more than someone just because of 90 dollars. It is almost as if someone is better off cutting hours at a job just to reapply for medicaid. Which people I am sure do but what needs to be addressed is guidelines are unfair. Who can live on $806.00 a month? Who created the cutoff? Why is there such a distinction between poor and rich? Why can’t there be levels of paying? if you make between 600-800 you pay X amount. If you make 800-1000 you pay X amount. No one should get completely free care just because they make $90 less than someone else. And the other person making more shouldn’t have to spend half their income on benefits to make up for the large amount of people on medicaid.

Or maybe people really do make less than $806 a month now? I am sure more do considering employers last year and still this year keeping over hiring to create only part time work. There is no incentive for a big business to create full time work right now when they must pay for insurance for every person over 31 hours. It’s like telling someone they will get penalized for a full time employee then expecting them to have the employees back? No. There are no unions anymore. If people rally together they are pushed right back.

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9r7KvJRp1A

We all know what is happening. This is creating a huge pool of people between poverty and sustainability. I bet most people who lie in the I have to pay for insurance but barely can afford it gap are hardworking and are looking to better their careers. Hindering the youth creates a downward spiral for everyone. Placing too much pressure on a certain group of people to buy in to healthcare isn’t the answer. The answer is finding a way to be fair to everyone and having everyone contribute to the future of this country. Healthcare should be a right and if it has to be paid for it should be a right to have it at a cost which does not make you have to eat Ramen noodles all day. Nothing is for free but nothing should be a cost to human mental and physical health. Thank you.




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