A Century and a Heart Ago

My heart could cry

a century ago…

due to every asshole that stabbed me so..

I hold onto me..

and create a fallacy

a prince charming

but he never seems to be

my destiny

then like al lion I wait

beneath the grass

of an aftermath

I stand up straight

then become irate

I know its time to

fight the bloodbath

so I move swift

then lite a fire under your ass

Don’t create a lion out of a cub

Don’t make a problem just to act tough

Stand your own ground

until it falls beneath you

then let mother nature

navigate you..

My heart ran dry a century ago

due to an asshole that stabbed me so..

I hold onto me

creating the epitome of what I want to be

then struggle when another

tries to reckon with me

tell me I am not who I appear to be

force me to change my philosophies

so they can see who they want me to be.


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