I love myself

I am sorry you can’t

I am sorry as a child you were not  taken care of

never played balled with

never had the future to see

but the past controlled thee

I am sorry your parents fucked up

but so did mine

and in time I realized everyone is blind

when they are committing a crime

sometimes it takes a recorder

to speak into

to see the evil within thee

there is nothing evolutionary about humanity

we are still just beasts

created out of the false pretense of society

go ahead form your opinions and see

what I am talking about

no philosophy can explain these

fights and flights



cuz’ they don’t exist

just in minds which want to bind time

to some kind of memory

but really it just binds existence to the explainable

if everything was explainable then why do we all die with

unanswered questions?

Why do we still feel empty when the needs are met?

Cuz’ we can’t forget the past

we hold onto it like it is who we are

but the scars don’t define shit

we just quit it

and move on like cowards

hold on to what’s left

but its bullshit

get the money spent

the best of the situation

don’t repeat under the pretenses

change will occur when the change isn’t met halfway

pardon me but why should I stay?

Why should I take dark clouds when the sun is shining through?

who crowned you king and said the pope was just screwed?

you all are the same

no one is a martyr

no one dies for beliefs anymore

that is just a poor way to live

cuz’ greed doesn’t exists in the heart of philosophers

I speak the word of our forefathers

they talk to him in time

I hold their trust and rewind back in time

even though the pain in unbearable

and what i do in usually unattainable

the mind exceeds expectations

and I feel I have been given the voice

and those who listen will see

my words are nothing but what they can be.


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