A Different Planet

I wish we lived on a different planet

not so we could be left alone

leave the cold world shivering in their bones

but so I could take you out like hunger games

avenge all the girls you maim

tape your mouth shut so you’re unable to cause pain

turn you into a man ape

cuz’ even that would be better than the false cape

you were like a hero

but really your below zero

cuz your heart stopped beating

so instead you were just needing

other people to shame

so you could not find yourself to blame…


you lost

not me

you created your fallacy

from the beginning

then expect me to complete the duo

when we both were screwed yo

I wish we lived on a different planet

no so I could just hear only your voice

cuz’ mine would be there too

and I have a feeling you’d hush me

condemn me if I flee

condemn me if I stay

made the blue clouds turn grey

put me face in the dirt

then yell if I claim to be hurt

but I’d hike the mountain faster

just to get the canister

smoke you out

so I could be alone….


you lost

not me

you created a fallacy

then couldn’t uphold it

and see

your own foolish doin

so when you get to the conclusion

you aren’t a saint

send you baggage on packin’

down to the lake.

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