I Think I Died Right There

I think a part of me died right there

by the window

by the cold

with no arm around me with care

I looked at the trees

the sky, the moon

I promised myself there was more out there

then impending doom

the walls were closing

but the outside was always there

inviting me to run

into the forest without a care…

And I always stood there

waiting for a reason

waiting as the seasons

changed, my mind rearranged…

with each goodbye…

And I wept

not for myself

but for them

cuz’ no one every could quite comprehend

the things I saw

the things I felt

the feeling of having your own memory

scattered upon a belt

you wore everyday like the next fashion

but inside your carrying dead weight

and barely had your own proper ration….

And I think a part of me died right there….

there was no one to care…

I feel down hard

knocked my teeth

saw the blood

then was able to complete…

maybe a sentence or two

regain my imagination

the pain I endured

was annihilation

And I hope someday

I can get a proper ration

cuz my stomach is still hungry

beyond anyone’s comprehension.





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