I Hope

I hope your heart shrivels up like your…


I won’t even say the word…

cuz’ the thought is there

without being heard…

I hate you for every thing you made

everything you laid

in front of me

like a silver platter

but really it was crappier

than anything I ever tasted….

but there is no time wasted

on mistakes

but rather to create

a series of hesitates

cuz’ no one can congratulate

someone for staying in bounds

rather we create a social construct

out of the mounds

of flesh we sacrifice

to say we paid the price

for the ultimate bliss…

but why should we have to kiss

the lips of satan to feel the warmth of god?

why should we mask who we truly are?

I sit and ponder how far I have gone

and sit proudly upon my scars..

cuz’ really no bars

could hold my soul

its immortal beyond most peoples goals

and i live each day by a certain moral

not governed by church

of some other person’s portal

and i am sorry you cannot accept my cordial

handshake and realize that time is not immortal

so sit back relax and enjoy the hole yo

cuz’ someday you’ll be in it

and there will be no one to see your soul

someday you’ll be nothing but seen as cordial

and that is all i ever wanted to

be seen as moral

but I realize no one is

and life is just a portal

of space and time

and you can rewind

fast forward

move slow but

in time

it catches up

and take all of your senses

your throat closes

and in comes the death sentence

but I have no fear

no god

no dove

my heart was stolen

from up above

and i pray to nature

to animals

to people

to save this earth

and stop the reliving.


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