She has been running a long time. Running from everyone and everything. It is time to face whatever is following her. She looks to the left, to the right, behind and suddenly right in front of her is a reflection she cannot bear. She sees nothing but sadness, and realizes there is no point to it. Get over it she says. Whatever deep down is bothering you just let it go. She starts to run…her pants dragging upon the ground since they were never tailored, never cared for and never bought not on sale. They trip her up, but she fights every misstep well as if she has done this many times before.The same run through the same forest over and over until suddenly the scenery changes. The memories fade, becoming nothing more than a time once had with someone. Rather than remembering his face, she will remember the same woods as a child. She becomes free with a wild imagination, laughing, crying, and at times silent. There are no words to describe her existence. She lives free with emotion, feeling everything moment by moment, appearing to be in her own realm of reality. She watches her moments and others trying to figure out her own puzzle as well as theirs. Then she realizes it could take a lifetime to fulfill the answers to her questions. She smiles.

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