Time to Start Living

It’s time to start living…

stop staring at the fence

remove the barbwire

hop on over

and walk into the field

feel the meadow between your fingers

the rain upon your skin

and know it is better

than hate, anger, and pain…

I cut it out

like a wound that will always stay open

and everything I see

recreates a potion

in my brain

drives me insane

all I see is memories

but the objective is to gain

some kind of bliss

in the hell around my feet

some kind of heaven

like a flower in concrete

It is time to start living…

stop staring at the wall

and go around the block

wave to random people

but never talk a lot

stroll on by as if your headed to the park

then head right home

without a single stop..

cuz’ my eyes are like the sun

but my heart is like the moon

it comes alive at night

when darkness is in bloom

It likes to sing the same sad tune

to know it is still alive

not afraid to feel blue..

I cut it out…

the smell of fear

I realize there was really nothing there…

I was sunk into a reality that didn’t exist…

Our lips touched but I never felt the kiss…

You were a fallacy of manipulated bliss…

you’ll never know love

if it’s the created character they miss.


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