Relationship Rant

Relationships are a five way street. They don’t end up where they started. You cannot use a GPS to make decisions in them. There is no way to predict how one person will change or how another will stay the same. It is like playing a game of chess at first trying to guess the person’s next move, exciting and anxiety ridden. The defeat or triumph determines dynamic. A sort of power struggle goes on back and forth until it is finally realized it is time to walk from the board or continue to play. Nothing is ever certain how one way would have panned out over the other. But I guess I didn’t walk very much from the table. I guess I liked challenges persay at some point in life. Always having to prove something to someone was normal for me but really it isn’t right. Attempting to prove your worth to someone is always a losing battle.The fact you feel that way is a pure indication of you feeling not worthy yourself.There is no overnight fix, a medication which can deter this thought process, a person who can help. Really there is no one but your own mind. There is no such thing as soulmates. No soul is alike, no brain can read another’s, no human can truly connect with another human on a level which is inferior to the connections between people who do not even know each other. There is no point in carrying childish misconceptions of love. There are only feelings not ideas of love.

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