Wipe On my Robe

I wipe my face on my robe

cuz’ I don’t care

I wipe my tears off my cheek

cuz’ I cannot bear

the sight of  you next door

parading around like we are not ad midst a war

and I don’t care

I’ll run as fast

as the night

and as slow as the day

cuz all that matters is now blown away

a series of memories

beginning to decay

like my body

cuz’ its been months

sense the pain went away

and I have no feeling

until the next day

until my heart isn’t blind

to a false dismay

please hold me

a warm body

cuz i fear hypothermia during a warm day

please hold my crumbled bones

cuz they can no longer go this way

to the forgotten

to the maimed

to the dishonorably maimed….

I fear for my sanity

oh lead my any other way

if there was a god he wouldn’t want me to breathe this air

he wouldn’t want me to feel this much pain

so much i cannot bear

to make breakfast

or sleep at night

oh please the familiar come around

and forgive me today

cuz i didn’t mean to be so ruthless in the past

risk all this aftermath

when i just wanted you

ad midst the bloodbath

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