One Day-Short Story

One day, I wake up. I want to go kayaking at the park. That simple. He’s still sleeping of course. He spends a lot of time doing that which I think is a waste of time. As Wu-Tang stated, “I Never Sleep, ‘cause Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death.” And the minute I heard that lyric I adopted it as my life philosophy. I can’t listen to the music in the car though, it annoys him much. He turns it down and claims I have poor taste yet later on I find my artists downloaded onto his MP3 player. Sucker, I know. Suddenly kayaking turns into a canoe, and he’s paranoid it will tip over like a child. Apparently he had money but never on him. Hahahaha heard that a million times before. I am trying to have fun but he says id rather be somewhere else. I am thinking no where else can fix you, sorry. We hike, and he tells his friend i ditched him at the park while I am walking beside him. I think, fine, I’ll leave you and run off to my car. He’s chasing me making me appear to look psycho when all i want is to get to my car and far far away. I leave the pants and drive home blasting my music so loud on purpose. I stop whereever I want at my leisure and enjoy the day. Not all company is good company.


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