An Evening of Unsplendor

He invites me over as if the Queen is ok with it. I speak to the queen and she says favorable things to me coaxing me into a night of fire and music. I believe this to be true, since I ponder why a human being would devise such a plan to overthrow my evening. Especially not knowing who I am and how I carry myself. She speaks of harlots and youthful demeanor’s as if she knows firsthand from experience how to spot such qualities. She stares in my direction as if she speaks such words about me but I know they are of her own making. From the depths of her mind she unravels with each sip becoming close to her last. Not caring about her last moments, living a life of an existence she created out of a lack of empathy. She does not know who I am but knows my eyes speak truth, beauty, shame, remorse, revenge, guilt, empathy, and honor. I am everything not just one of those things. I am a multifaceted character with little ambition to live on the terms of others. To speak distastefully of another for one’s enjoyment is to speak with a false tongue. Your own words become yours and in the end of the night you are the one who must ponder if they were spoken too soon. Farewell my fallacy of a friend, for you waste your own time now.

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