You never opened your mouth when you kissed me. I didn’t know for sure but I thought you either were insecure about your teeth or maybe you didn’t think I was worthy. Either way, it was lame. There was little to work with, but I had to create this kind of situation to fix. I was used to struggling, broken hearts, and ending up alone. Figured I had nothing to lose but I did have something: me. I never thought the light coming from your eyes was not pure and blinded rather than led. I followed it like a child on a leash, feeling diminished yet knowing eventually I would chew out of the collar. It just doesn’t make sense to restrain someone. No one truly can own another person. You should be with someone not by force but by feeling safe with them. I realize how blind I once was and now see some angels as devils because nothing can erase the pain. And i try not to relive it….for I know my spirit deserves peace or companionship. No more pain.

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