You better run if you see me

because I will walk up

and call you what you are

I will bare all my emotional scars

that could travel the length of mars

if they were made of matter

but all that matters

is what I feel

what is real

and what has been distorted

contorted in the shape

of an egg

reduced to a child like state

inside my head

waking up with nightmares

and not even getting out of  bed…

but rather trying to sleep

rather than eat

trying to fade

rather than realizing

he made my mind

in time



and i am hearing all his words


and i am quite disturbed


I hear the voice again


and I know I can’t pretend

it’s real

You better run if you see me

cuz’ I will tell your girl

she is in store for a special treat

by the time you dismantle her

she won’t be able to complete

a sentence or a fragment

she will roam your halls

like I did touching the walls

making sure they are still there

the lights flickering

cuz your gas lighting tricks

are all you can bear

to give to her…

but in time

the bulbs will blow

and she will realize

you were dimming the lights low

bringing in the darkness

bringing in the blindness


and I can see your lips move


and I can’t be soothed


and I hear every word


and you were the one who was disturbed.

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