Surrounded but Alone

I was surrounded on all four sides, music penetrating my ears, the folksy kind, with a story to tell all who is ready to hear. I watched the violin, upright bass, and guitarist admiring their courage to do what they love. I was alone but I wasn’t. I was sharing the empowerment of music with others i did not know. And it didn’t even matter if I knew them because it was the sound, it was the dancing, the air, the cold, the sweat, the tears, the electrifying fireworks, and the voices coming together that mattered to me. I wanted to feel inspired again, that life isn’t a sad song but a happy one derived from sadness. There are those who walk a sort of life full of tragedy but still manage to believe. And i love you for that. Thank you for sharing your energy, sadness and happiness, all in all.

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