Every image I see is you

you haunt me

like a reoccurring thought

I just want to send straight down a gauntlet

And I may not be smart yet

but when our brains met

I was your ideal match

but suddenly im in a pen

with a door locked

trying to pretend

I can’t see anything

Everything I see is you

waiting to remind me of

this corkscrew

blowing lose inside my head

each day waking

not wanting to get out of bed

but I don’t think what you said

was ever true

cuz’ if it was I would still be with you

playing along to the same old song

denying who I was

about to become….

and I may only see you

but I won’t live in denial and debt

like you are so use to

so ride solo

and tread upon my memories

leave no trace behind

and go ahead erase me

because the kind of duel you fight

is unworthy of what could be.




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