He Really Thinks

He really thinks he will make it through

without a piece of you

He really thinks he’ll get you back

without some kind of attack

but stand up and state the fact

he never gave a fuck

about your mind staying intact

He never held you close

when you were cold

instead he left the window open

and ignore he heard

the chatter of your teeth

He never wanted to see you succeed

rather watch you fail and bleed

but the blood turned to a fine wine

aged from all the pent up rage

every word putting you in a cage

and in a one way conversation

he’d declare some kind of proclamation

some thought that’d make you doubt

everything you thought was real

then watch as you dismantle

blame you for how you feel…

He never held your hand

when you crossed the street

He never even held it

after you bought dinner

or fucking massaged your feet

but he’d ask you to prepare some meat

while he sits watching the same scene

of a movie he did yesterday

cuz his brain can’t remember the plot

it can’t even hit play…

then rewind…




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