Well…..I Am Tired of Being Poor and so Are A lot of People…

Well I don’t know about anyone else in this country but I am tired of struggling.I have worked since I was 15 yrs old in physically tough fields of work, rockin’ my 88 lb body until I feel it is 65 yrs old. My feet crack, my hand is swollen, and every day I live with mental and physical pain. And what do I have to show?I have no idea. Yes,I have a roof over my head but it costs me so much to have i cannot even breathe. I went to college, did what my family wanted to do and graduated applying to jobs, competing with hundreds of other applicants. It isn’t right. Yes,I have learned a lot personally but at the same time I cannot apply what I have learned to the real world. There was no hands on training for me, instead, a lack of advisement and a collection of my tuition money. Campuses are overloaded with students hoping of the same promising future but it is like putting people in a cage and letting maybe one out at a time. The other watch the success of people they know are intellectually at their level as well, and ponder what makes them any different in order to be successful. People who see a lucky break in life, buy cars, shoes, clothes, homes, and bury themselves in debt really.Then they post it to FB. “Hey check out my new ride.”  Yeah really? How many years are you paying on it? Is it yours because you borrowed the money? haha. Is it your because your friend knew some higher up at a corporate facility to get you a job and screw over the person who is more qualified than you are? It makes me ill. Colleges are so quick to take your money yet do they call after you graduate and ask if you need help finding a job? No. They call to see if you can donate more money to a college who took your money.I am sorry to say but unless you are going for a masters or PHD good luck. You want money? You most likely won’t get it by going for major similar to thousands of others. You will end up feeling like a number rather than a person. I don’t know about anyone else but when I graduated I thought it was the best point in my life but instead it turned into “what the heck do I do now? Really I have to go back to graduate school? I already spent so much money.” It’s true, though. The bachelors is becoming obsolete. You could write, read, imagine, and have years of experience in a field but if you don’t have a masters some companies won’t even look at you. A lot of people think if they invest in business, science, tech, mathematics and/or health degrees they are safe as well. Well, if an influx of people are thinking the same thing as well and doing the same thing as you, you don’t think it won’t catch up to all of you? You don’t think you won’t build a cage around yourself and others. Now there are part time positions even in health care? In health care?! If you qualify for medicaid then you are lucky really because most people now cannot buy into health insurance plans. Some are opting out and paying the fine rather than paying for insurance they barely use. The whole idea you are required to pay for insurance is ridiculous. If people were not fined then they would be more likely to just opt out if a huge portion of their lack of income went to insurance.Therefore, the healthcare industry(because that’s what it is about money) would see a cut in patients. You’d see workers hours reduced and too many graduation with not enough positions available. IF we truly wanted some kind of united care we would base health cost on income but have several different per say tiers. It would be a detailed, descriptive, intelligent policy that recognizes every person’s situation. There should be no black and white because it is the dumbest cliche I have ever heard. If everything was so easy to fix then how come there are still huge issues? They cut through society, and through the next generation of children to the next. We must realize the majority have lost control. The government is making irrational decisions regarding our interests and eventually when people can no longer provide they will look for help. When eventually there is no help, there will be a response. People only stay silent to keep the peace for now, but they know disruption is in the future.

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