There’s Some Men and Their Names Aren’t Joe…

There’s a boyfriend…

His name is lazy

and he doesn’t work in a factory

he doesn’t have a life

a car

a job

or a family…

one day…

I came up to him and said

Hey a**hole, get it together! He said no…

I said turn the knob to the right, then out the fucking door…

There’s a man

His name is psycho

And he doesn’t work

he just goes through my texts secretly

he wants a relationship

a house

and a family…

one day after a week of knowing me

he asks will you date me? I say i don’t know…

Learn some patience and don’t expect that from me….

There’s a man

His name is bozo

and he has no mind left to grow

he wants a real job

house and a car maybe..

one day he asks me to do his homework?

I say no…

Do your own work, so you’re not a bozo…

There’s a man

his name is boring yo

and he works in a pharmacy

he has a job

a boring life

and his family pays for thee

one day he avoid his responsibilities…

and i say go..

turn the key and go right down the driveway…

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