This is supposed to be funny but it may sound angry….

Unconditional Love…it’s bulls**t. It doesn’t exist. Prove it to me. Show me what romance hasn’t led to some bulls**t. Everyone has bulls**t people. Realize that going on online dating sites does not in fact make it easy but rather difficult in reading someone who can take a picture and look awesome. So what? I can take a picture and look great but am i feeling great taking the picture? Heck no. It makes me feel stupid. Like i had to resort to this crap to even try to find someone of caliber.That thought brings to life perhaps love doesnt exist…only our idea of love. So we must each individually define our idea of love then apply it to the world. We must find that person who can fulfill as many as those ideas, as well as we must fulfill theirs, which almost seems impossible. Will we all ever find it? Or will we settle for some of those fulfillment’s beings unfulfilled?  I believe no one should settle for something less than what they deserve. Well if you want to go for someone with money, and they don’t care that you are…so be it i guess. Pretty shallow but at least it carries some honesty. Rather than telling someone you love then and really hating them maybe it is better to go without. Maybe absence is key to understanding what you perceive as love vs other peoples perceptions. Having new conversations and walking away from some which have no potential. It sounds mean to pass judgment but who doesn’t? My first impressions no offense have usually been right. A guy will take me out, treat me great the first few months then boom he morphs into a couch potato, gets fat, then decides he wants to call off work. Motivation is extremely important in a relationship. If you do not motivate eachother then good luck to you. It will become unbalanced. And both people will have to start figuring out how to change it. People never stay the same either in a relationship which i understand. Sometimes life throws a rock into someones face you love and then turn into this hateful person who bitches all the time. Don’t expect the other person to be like a robot without anger. There is usually a valid reason to be angry at life which something terrible happens that makes no sense. Just be there for them. Get them extra massages, a foot  bath, get the coffee ready, i dk do something to stop the bitching. I just think sometimes the simple things in life really do matter. Once someone stops doing all this then animosity happens. You must create a balance with someone, even if they aren’t perfect all the time because if they fulfill in in most areas of life then it should be expected you must do the same for them, whatever it shall be. And that my friend, is not love but it is loyalty. Loyalty is really love, and maybe if we took out this misconceptions about love we are exposed to, we could be a lot happier with someone.

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