The Families of Hazmat Suits

There was a bomb, I thought. And all the neighborhood heard it. Those with guns were preparing for war. The peoples faces were covered in ash, and a couple children made streaks underneath their eyes like Indians. I wondered if they watched too much television and hoped their parents would slit the neck of any person trying to do harm to children. The dust was everywhere in the air. We all assumed we would have radiation poisoning but just wanted to find somewhere safe.

John, four houses down, suggested we follow him. He had been working on an underground shelter and became very withdrawn from the world. He spent his days trying to craft the perfect underground fortress with no vulnerable areas. The design was not flawless but as close as one could get to flawless. Each room had a hallway connected to it, which had a series of doors. There was a control room which has access to all the doors. A second control room was created with the ability to override the first incase an intruder seized the more obvious control room. Every family would have their own area to live with extra protection. If one family died in an invasion, the other families would constitute enough power to avenge. Each person would wear a suit as well…when entering and exiting at all times. These suits have controls which can only be accessed with unstressed facial recognition. Therefore if sometimes tries to make a person access these out of fear the program detects the threat and overrides that persons ability, almost as if it reads your mind.

The entire operation has been thought out by John for years, he has given up seeing his children play baseball or ride a bike just to prepare. He knew if he did not prepare no bikes or baseball would even exist for them in the next ten years. The country was on the brink of disaster. Too much debt, no jobs, and corporations finally owning the rest of the population. Congrats! You ruined the economy he thought to have so much money you couldn’t even spend it in your lifetime. But yup, yell at the poor.

John had selected which famlies he would help if this situation ever happened. This list was chosen years ago and did not include new friends of him. Choosing was hard on him. It was like choosing who deserved to live more, and also who had the skills necessary to benefit survival. John had to rule some families out because of health conditions alone. A shame he thinks he couldnt save everyone and everything though. But he knows his efforts went above and beyond what most would do.

John rallies up the Westons. They are the tech experts. Each one has some kind of degree in engineering, computer science…you get the hint. Their dad is a scientist and has warned everyone of a nuclear bomb but no one bothered to respond but John really. The Westons funded part of John’s underground shelter and even know how it operates. They are the dorks. You have a math problem, computer issue, anything tech related the Westons can fix it all. With a family run computer shop they all are used to working together as well. John ranks them high on the survival scale.

Next it is the McKinley’s. The thinkers.The people of high anxiety but highly energetic.They care too much at times, but overall can analyze situations beyond what normal minds can do. They are intuitive, observant, tactical. Their father is a guiness world record holder hunter, who can shoot an enemy as a far distant with no problem. He is a master at tactical methods. He has taught his family well, and they all stay fit like a FBI squad. They all mastered the gun, the bow, the crossbow. There is nothing that can take them down without a fight. John needs force in his bunker.

The Evans are creative minds. They are artists, journalists, lawyers, musicians and designers. They do not follow the normal pathways like others. They have had a long hail of struggles to become successful but still carry a liveliness and sense of humor. They view this catastrophe as somewhat of a social catastrophe. They have studied and researched events leading up to the collapse and have an idea of what lies afterwards. They above average intelligence and capability in many areas which is why they are appealing to John. They are adaptable people.

Everyone meets at the shelter entrance wearing hazmat suits and respirators. Shall we….John says and jumps down the stairs…..


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