Simple Person

I’m just a simple person

living outside of the economic excursion

tossing my coins around

ignoring all the coercion

running my mouth about

finding out all the versions

I played of myself

aren’t good enough to be indoctrinated

into this kind of monopoly

we act like is the threshold of society

but really if we all weren’t behind the scene

making their cars gleam…

they’d never see the light

if it was a direct beam

cuz’ we are the ones who carry the sun…

they just flaunt their goods for fun…

but their no different than anyone…

mouths all sewn up shut…

And I think it is funny…

some equate freedom with money

some bend their minds because their so hungry…

I’m just a simple person

living each month like it’s an excursion

and I will never know where I’ll end up…

keep pouring change into a cup

hoping it will be enough

to find a way out of this tunnel

they want me to lie down in

and declare they will win

but one thing is sure to begin…

whether now or later…

the crater in their heart

cannot dart the arrows of gluttony

cannot diffuse the air around me

cuz’ they made it so heavy

no one can breathe…

And I think it is funny

some equate freedom with money

some bend their will to no longer be hungry

and leave so many mouths empty….

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