Into the Woods? Or Into Weirdness? C’mon Disney.

The trailer seems harmless. As if you can bring your child to it and they will be dazzled the entire time. No. They will either be confused or overwhelmed by the dialogue. There are two new characters without names, as if they don’t mean much. Where is the character development? No names and one of them ends up dead eventually and before that a cheater. Nevermind, I’ll explain that crap later on because there is a lot of drama it seems. Personal drama. I don’t understand it haha. Anyways, the two nameless characters can’t have a baby until they collect four items from classic Disney characters. It is just an odd situation. When little red riding hood meets the wolf played by Johny Depp, it is weird and creepy. He offers her candy as if he is a pedophile and it is just like….what is going on here? Should my child’s mind be exposed to this? I didn’t realize I would be sitting here questioning the morals of Disney? C’mon. The one prince comes off dumb and in love with Rapunzel. The other is a player to Cinderella. He evetually makes out with the nameless character’s nameless wife. What the heck? Seriously? And the baker (nameless) is left alone with a baby. So ya the girl who was played (Ciderella) has to step up to the baby plate. Now girls end up thinking it is ok to clean and be unhappy with a boring man because you don’t mix with the caliber of a prince and were dealt a crap card. You are too poor Cinderella the messed up message is. And the prince, well he doesn’t care because he is searching around and liking it. And the Baker’s wife (nameless #2) well she falls off a cliff after she ends up with the prince and crap happens. Death happens too child. So  deal with all this crap we laid upon you in a Disney movie. The only two who end up in a fairy tale are Rapunzel and her prince. The moral of the story is hardly anyone receives their fairy tale ending. What a sad thing to infect into the minds of children? Shouldn’t they be allowed to grow up ad determine that themselves? And Disney you objectify little girls then later on they turn into sex symbols. So now you want to be cool with blatant truth? At least find a clever way to teach a child a lesson about creepy guys, players, lust, and the divide between social classes. Thank you. It was done distastefully. I am surprised you pay screenwriters haha. That is like paying for unnecessary drama.

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