Be An Example, Not a Jerk

It’s been a while. I am not the same as I was a few months ago. As time moves on, the portal I walk through is becoming more and more my own, the inner voice telling me to hold on. It once said to let go and listen to all the outside voices telling me who I am. And maybe I was, at that point in time, the person they described. Maybe I was, but not everyone stays the same. Not everyone has the privilege to not have to adapt. Most have to deal with ever changing economical, educational, and cultural transitions with the modern age. As a result, we develop bad habits, illnesses, and an inability to cope. We all deserve a chance to better ourselves fairly. From the guy with no teeth in the trailer park to the guy with shiny braces and a shiny car already. We all should be able to go to college not to make money but rather to do what we love. There should be a field for all of us in this economy, not just the technical and health students.

People have forgotten society needs a balance. We cannot have technical products without the human resources manager, the person who orders shipments, the technical writer, and the lawyer who writes the employee handbook. Why should one get paid a substantial amount of money less than the other? All play key roles in the end result, and all cannot work without the other. America has forgotten this should not be an economy where a person is out for themselves but rather out for the greater good of humanity. The foundation of life is built around how we interact and communicate with one another.Technology poses a threat to our social skills when we concentrate upon only the job at hand and not the people around us. Both have to be developed in a way in order for society to function as a whole. Our curriculums need to be challenged. Our law enforcement majors need to take more psychology and sociology classes.  Our technical students need to take more public speaking classes so they can actually explain their ideas. Our art students need to take classes with a focus towards a specific area rather than a broad spectrum. Our children, teenagers, and students need guidance. And institutions in this country need to look at themselves, their mistakes, and ensure they are being supportive to the next generation.

The wealth is now concentrated into the one percent versus the other ninety nine. We all are trying and trying to gain a piece of what is left of the middle class but the more we all try the more it seems the playing field is leveled. I have come to the realization we all should be able to go to college for free. Yes, for free. Our incentives for education should not be money, nor the colleges should have the motive of money as well. Healthcare and education should be left in the control of the government and be a close market. No profits. That’s it. We all pay a percentage of our income and deal with it. I would rather pay for all the choices in the world and not be afraid of a mistake. Enough consequences on the youth and college students working hard to get by and more positive re-reinforcement. Everyone seems to try to find out what is wrong rather than making it right.

I have heard things will change in this country so many times. The rich will be taxed and the poor will get more, but each year I wonder sometimes. I will spend my life in a field where I help people and those who don’t will have a short and sleepless life. Be an example for those around you and never give up. I feel the next generation will challenge the last. Time reassures me what is right will become reality for our children.

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