Just Some Thoughts….Just Some Feelings…

Without writers, you would have to memorize their thoughts as well as your own then somehow build upon it. Everything would have to be a conversation which no offense to people, wouldn’t always be beneficial. Have you ever had a conversation you wish could end almost right where it began? We all have. Well, imagine that happening everyday. Imagine there are no books, no history, nothing to build upon from the day you were born but you own thoughts. Wouldn’t it be insane? Would we all just stomp around and grunt like savages unable to communicate? Most likely. Maybe we would adapt and resort to sign language. Either way, I don’t really want to find out.

One thing is for sure now though, things are ever-changing with technology. People have been recording their perceptions and emotions for a long time through writing but now the audience is much larger due to technology. Information is not obtained through the local library anymore but rather a bunch of iffy sources you must weed through for the concrete source. There is an abundance of information. So much, it is almost overwhelming that a person can just look up a word or phrase and find out almost everything about it. It is beautiful as well as frightening. It can be frightening depending upon where you are in the world, who is in power, and what social impact you can have upon people around you with the information you obtained. As a consequence, those who speak from a concrete source against a general dominate opinion suffer at times. Think of all the artists right now being jailed or killed for free speech. Journalists are being hacked to death, jailed, and/or silenced. But what do we forget? You cannot silence a writer without taking all of his writing. You can take their life but if you don’t  have his/her hard drive or journal then good luck. You can kill a writer but their thoughts still transpire.

Sometimes I think to myself, “I cannot wait someday when those who lose power realize they have condemned their own future by silencing free speech.” It is sad in a sense but not surprising. People will think and feel the way they want to. If the general population in your country feels a certain way then odds are it is for a reason. You cannot blame social uprising on writers and/or the abundance of information out there, it has happened for thousands of years without it. Greed is usually the culprit of social uprising, not the words crafted against it. Rest in peace to those who died for unjust reasons, trying to protect our rights, whether it be the honest soldier, journalist, hard worker, or student. You are the people who keep the momentum going rather than stopping it.

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