So You Want Me to Give Up? Nah.

It is a fallacy people create when they tell others they cannot “make a living” off of something they are good at. And I bet you are wondering why I put that statement in quotes. First of all it is cliche, and second making a living doesn’t mean making a killing. It means doing what you love and not dying of a heart attack from a bulls**t job. It means not going to work and being laid out by the man and poked at until it looks like a game of operation and suddenly *Boom* you no longer have real organs but your body feels like it has a wishbone for a mother f**king rib bone. Meanwhile, he is at the park with his family while your technically paying for his kid’s shoes while your non-existent children you are too afraid to have end up never existing because you didn’t have enough money for them to exist. So ya, you didn’t feel like bringing a human into a situation until it is calmed with money. (Some parents need to take note of this importance.)  Stop falling for the trap. The truth is, they want you too. The rich want to see you on welfare and stay there while they talk shit about how it is your fault when really they can’t sleep at night still with all the money they could ever need. And that is where my life will be more fulfilling than theirs. I can sleep knowing I don’t cause suffering to my workers, I don’t lie to gain money, and I don’t need to have everything everyone else has. I have my brain. I have my heart. You have one and you know which one it is if you only think of yourself. Good luck with that. Good luck with explaining to your children how other children have less than them for really no fucking reason but your greed. I went to school with my hair done, my shoes nice, and dresses all the time. Was I rich? No. But I was taken care of and we did what we could with what we had. But I remember those looks front he other kids that had everything. I remember I lent them my basketball, the first one I had, and guess what? They didn’t let me play. They learned from their parents to take and never give and as a result I learned that I may give to people but they may shit on me because they learned some crappy morals. Change your children, and change the generation. And never let these kind of negative people ruin your dreams.

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