As the World Changes

Let’s just admit it. The world is a blazing right now. There are a lot of changes occurring everywhere, especially concerning money and unemployment. When basic human necessities are scarce or borrowed, life becomes impossible and people become hostile.

Right now, many are withdrawing funds from Greek banks in fear of bankruptcy. Everyone is becoming interested in what Greece will do. Either reach an agreement and keep the Euro or back out and perhaps take a deal with Putin. The deal would generate money to Greece rather than deprive them. Is this an act of empathy towards humanity? Towards a country which cannot repay its debts. That was given money over and over until suddenly there is a crisis. Who’s fault is it? The bank? The people?

It’s both. The bank should not lend to anyone who cannot repay. That simple. The people should not borrow what they cannot pay. But maybe the question isn’t who’s fault it is but how can it be prevented?

There should be laws preventing banks from lending too much money to citizens. A percentage of their yearly income should be taken to determine how much a person can pay without having an effect on society as a whole. If one person is not contributing then another doesn’t and another. Soon, everyone thinks they can just borrow and borrow. The whole idea of preventing it creates no need to worry about everyone over borrowing.

Now let’s be frank here. The same situation is happening in America. Many students cannot repay their student loans without a job and either continue college in fear or they just keep deferring payments. We must address our issues on our own homefront as well. The billions we have spent on war could have been spent on providing close to free education and jobs. We are really in also a desperate situation. As a country we will have to face a financial crisis over and over until we figure out a solution.

I am interested to see what Greece will do. Maybe they will adopt a digital currency and Putin will bail them out of the Euro. Essentially he will own them, but they will be gaining millions off of a pipeline through Turkey. What choice do they really have? Stay a slave to the Euro or accept a deal where they are a temporary slave? I think the second option. And the quick withdrawals from the banks is telling me they will as well. What options are left when all options are exhausted? And is this a question we should be pointing at other countries, or ourselves as well?

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