The Way….She Moves

The way…

She moves….

She’s broken down and everyone knows it…

She has no more time because she has already blown it..

She sticks and stones and everyone knows it…

The way..

she moves..

She’s got all these triggers all in her pockets

their not anything to do with guns

they’re behind eye sockets…

they creep in at night

hold her heart in a locket…

she rips it off and hides it in her pocket

It’s in the way…

she moves….

It’s in the way…

she moves…

she holds her head up

then it falls down when no ones there to stop it

she twists and turns and knows she’s got it

but all the people just don’t want it

She’s tired of figuring out their idea of toppin’ it

Cuz when she’s there, they ain’t stoppin it

She has nothing to lose cuz she had it rough…

She’s tried her best, but had enough of it…

And they know…

it’s in the way..

she moves.

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