Johnny Man (Not Boy) Part Two

“Oh, well if it did, I would know from the radio or news. I EMP proofed everything.” She states with confidence.

Now he’s scared. For two reasons. One, she seems nutty. And two, he may not know if an EMP hit.

“Just  hurry up” she insists.

She has him sit by the radio in the house, awkwardly. He listens as the presidents words echo something like “those who can hear this need to help others. Those who were prepared for something like this, need to be supportive of their fellow neighbor.” His voice sounds weak now. As if he has been drinking or crying too much; but it is clear the country has been changed forever because of him.

“God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change but the courage to take a stand and fight to make the difference.”

Then suddenly there was a roar. Not just any roar of a crowd. One of tragedy and one of triumph. It was a reaction which showcased the division within the country. There were cries; “the presidents been shot!”

“What a surprise!” John exclaims. “People have been so consumed with hatred not it has all hit the fan. The man wants to bring people together but they all want to rip the country apart. So be it then. Whoever is left will hopefully be good. Good will prevail in the end. I have a feeling this is going to bring about a war amongst our own people. It is sad, but inevitable. No one can go alone for a long period of time though. People will need one another at some point.”

He goes back to listening to the radio. The host starts describing the scene as chaotic, terrifying, people are being trampled, nothing seems to be under control; except for certain people of status. John is deep down sure they are already planning to get into their armored vehicles, and drive to their paid for bunkers. The bunkers they preplanned to have, after they planned to throw the rest of the world into chaos.

The host becomes even more frightened when his fellow host is attacked on camera. The camera then cuts out.

“We have lost connection! Oh my god I cannot believe this is happening folks! We’re going to see if the helicopter has any views he can describe for us. What’s going on Jack?!” The host asks.

“From what I can see everything is definitely chaotic! We have assaults happening, people have been trampled, traffic is at a standstill, and people are beginning to get out of their cars already and run. This is just terrible Steven.”

“I’m really sorry you have to see this right now Jack. Thanks for letting us know.”

Suddenly the station cut out and was interrupted by an urgent message from the United States government. In an automated robotic voice it said: This is a message from the United States Military Operations, there has been an unfortunate event. Your President is no longer with us, we ask for this nation to remain calm as we try to keep our communities safe. We ask you to help your fellow neighbor is possible. Supplies will be on the way to areas highly impacted by today’s event. Please cooperate with members of law enforcement and the military if asked. We appreciate your understanding and will continue to communicate updates to our fellow Americans. Thank you for your patience.

“This just doesn’t seem right at all. Under control?! Apparently people are dying in the streets and they say that is control?! No. Honestly,  I am terrified. I think my car might have flew off the embankment because it just suddenly died. Same with my phone. And I am not stupid. I think we are lucky to have even heard that message?! How did you know this might happen?!” John asks.

“I grew weary over society collapsing. Then it turned into an obsession. I spent hours a week, researching about possible attacks on our country. Always thoughts we were too preoccupied with other countries, we sort of forget to protect our own homeland. Our  infrastructure was honestly scary to me as well, which led me to “EMP conspiracies.” She explained.

“Interesting to say the least. I feel it is very odd I ended up here out of all places. With someone who knows about what I thought no one else paid attention to. Enough about it already though. There are serious issues at hand now.”

“You’re right. We must stick together through this. I have walky talkies and we can always be in contact. No one goes out of range really, that much at least. And if we have to fight I have plenty of ammo but we must protect our supplies with our life. Too many people have turned their back on this country and no one can be trusted. If someone approaches us, we must pick we stays wisely. They will know everything and it will be painful to kill them if they become greedy. I’d rather let them go honestly at first sight. Size up those who will betray us before they betray us.” She says with a stern voice.

“Hold on tiger! Who said we are staying here? We can’t stay here! It is dangerous! They will find us. A group of people will and they will kill you and I.”

“I have spent my entire life building this fortress it seems and I am not going to just take some strangers advice and give up everything.” She persists.

“I know it is hard to do but people sometime have to admit their plans fail and create a new one. We need a new plan.” He tries to persuade.

“There is no way to implement a new plan right now. We must at least stay here and protect until we brainstorm something up that is worth going for. We need to find signals. Some kind of group trying to communicate. We need to find civilization then.”

“No we don’t. We need to hide. We need to build something no one will ever find or think of. Something no ones imagination can comprehend to hide in. We must become masters at survival as well. This test is going to kill us or keep us alive. Wake up, Famine and disease will happen. Do you want to go to it? Drink from it? Then stay away from it.”

“Fine, you’re right.”

“Thank you. Now can we start planning something.”

“But maybe John, we can both be right in a way. Why not plan for all things?! This is going to be a fight for survival.”

“True. Indeed it is.” He agrees.

She shows him all the ammunition. He is impressed but when she says how it took her years to save the money from the farm he feels kind of bad. He knows if there is a major conflict this ammo won’t last long. And it has been her life’s work. He loves how she said that so casually. As if her entire life this place is all she has known and hard work is all that keeps her going. He is finding a strange kind of respect for her, which he usually doesn’t feel for many people honestly.

They go about finding a way to dig further tunnels into the ground to hide supplies at least. Perhaps enough room to hide themselves and create air ducts. They are already a good team. Neither one of them wants to admit it. They go to bed lying a foot apart but both feeling lonely like they always have.

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