Nearly everyone in America is a migrant. This land was full of natives and then it wasn’t. It is that simple. People travel away from what conditions they desire to escape. My ancestors had been from Europe and ended up relocating in Massachusetts. If it wasn’t for them, I would not be here. I am not going to pretend they were not trying make a better life for themselves.This is all people truly desire.

Syrians are fleeing and the conditions I suspect are worse than what we see on media. Being there firsthand has to be a eye opening experience and i am noticing the people now helping are citizens in other countries who can no longer turn a blind eye. How can you go to work and walk by a child in a tent? How can you walk by a not let your heart sink? Some people respond with help while others seem to be disgusted. Almost as if they blame the migrants for not fighting to save their land.

how do impoverished people protect themselves? Technology has created a desire to use complex weapons which cost taxpayer money. The truth is all the money spent on weapon development should be used to solve social dilemmas. The minds which think in many different directions, analyzing behaviors, situations etc are needed to solve these complex issues.

I heard on the radio the other day of a woman stepping literally on Syrian children. Why does this woman feel it is okay to do this? What have we let go as a worldwide society to make someone think this is okay? Is a lack of respect running rampant through the globe between countries to the point where people are no longer people? They are just things?

Enough already. civilization cannot develop without the proper examples. I think it is beautiful how Germany is lending a hand, almost as if they are also trying to get rid of their Nazi stain upon their names. This is a new generation. They did not fight a war, or really have much to do with enslaving the Jewish people. But they were born in shame. Shame of their countries past. Shame is so powerful is two ways depending on what the country or person chooses to do with it. Shame can dismember until you have no hoe for redemption. Shame can also make you desire to change and not continue the cycle of hate and shame. Germany I believe is trying to break a cycle of abuses. It also seem more financially sound than a lot of Europe which is also a reason why they are able to assist. One could say, Europe created this problem but the truth is everyone has created it. It is not just a matter of countries but a matter of having respect for human life.

Financial assistance should be made available, somehow, even if it is printed for the Syrian people. Their homeland needs to be confronted by not just one country but many to solve this problem. Fingers need to be pointed in the direction of solutions not blame.

As far as i am concerned, this is modern migration.This type of migration is not seen on this scale, is controlled by forces we didn’t have in the past, and is much more complex than anyone who is more focused on blame can solve. This issue has to worked upon as a group and money needs to be pushed aside. Money is truly paper to bargain with but when people are too disheveled to value it anymore and are more worried about survival then there needs to be a degree of humanitarian respect.

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