He Was a Man Worth More Than Words

If Jesus really existed then he was a man, forged from his ideals and experiences. He was a forgiver, not a fighter. He was a solution maker, not a blamer. He would give his last meal to anyone who needed it, putting faith in the idea if he took care of someone, then something else would take care of him. He recognized the children were the future and they were innocent bystanders of unfortunate incidents, and they need love to diminish the long term effects of stress. He loved everyone, regardless of whether they were the enemy or the innocent. And he did not just say this, but meant it, knowing deep down everyone can change realistically. He left room open in his mind that no one was purely evil, no person just wakes up evil and dies evil. They develop the condition over a period of time. And to disdain them, to shame them,  and not accept them only adds fuel to the fire of them going further into a type of hell. So faith is not suppose to be a set of morals, but rather a way of thinking of the world which crafts the morals. It is suppose to help others, not subject them to the judgments which brought them to their knees in the first place. We, as a society need to think of his teachings, not as literal, not as set in stone either, not as a way of judging others, but rather as a way of supporting yourself and others around you in need. We need to revert back to this basic way of thinking to actually stand for what we believe, and live not just say, what we believe in. There isn’t a magical solution to pain, one must go through it and reflect upon what has been learned. One must desire to change themselves, and help those around them with love, not hate.

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