Essena O’ Neil Isn’t Cool

I honestly think this is a breakdown of someone who needs to take some time to themselves and discover who they are. She has some points but they are basic and simplistic. She needs to develop as a person. She rants about social media being bad yet she has used it in the past to make money, and then turns around and uses it to make money in a stripped down version of herself. Why no make up now? Why the natural look all the sudden? Because you watched Amanda Palmer make money on kickstarter with her heartfelt ideas? You realized how different you were from her really. You aren’t a musician, you aren’t anyone but a face in the media. Palmer isn’t a model, but her brain is what people fell in love with to fund. She spent years of her life in crappy clubs playing music and not making much money.

From the ex-models site:

Funding goes towards:

-Building a bigger and better platform for the site

-A hub to support other game changers’ visions and help spread their ideas for this new earth

-Creating educational content that really gives us something to think about, question and most importantly allows us to feel.

-Interviews with some pretty cool people. People that really want to change up this place.  We’re talking anyone doing something different – to do with health, environmental awareness, animal cruelty, gender equality, social pressures and expectations, spirituality – in other words stuff that’s revolutionary. Yep, it’s happening.”

You mean to tell me you can’t just make a wordpress like the rest of us? You can’t just use your image you created already to voice your opinions. You need money from people to get there? To do interviews? No one is paying you to apparently be yourself? You admitted in your video, now all these other media outlets are trying to interview you. You have publicity in a different way now. Why do you ask your fans for financial support? Knowledge does not need money to grow, it needs a brain that desires to gain knowledge. That simple. You started off better than a lot of people, trying to get their voice heard,yet you desire more? Us bloggers pour our hearts into what we do and the things we research and we don’t make money most of the time. We do it because it is what we love. And the last thing we want to do is take the younger generations money that we supposedly inspired. It disgusts me that people are fueling this as well. Why aren’t people questioning a famous model who asks for money to do interviews? Asks for money to gain knowledge? This is what is wrong with social media. It is used by people who have bad intents and then use their original bad intent to become sort of reborn to use media in another way of financial gain. I think you grew tired of modeling and now you want people to build you in another way but people have to build up themselves. And no offense but I’d rather fund an organization directly than you.

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