And So…She Fell

And so

she fell

and stumbled

then fell again

to transcend

And now

She is moving

with the spirit of a horse

inside her

running through the grass

no longer running from the past

which creeped beside her

His eyes

once thought they knew

everything inside her

but it surprised her

when the shots were fired

not from her own gun

and she wasn’t the only one

who took a bullet

to prove her chivalry

to prove she wasn’t a commodity

but the epitome of what he wished he could be…

And so

she fell

she stumbled

And fell again

only to pretend

she never scratched her elbows…

she never saw the scars grow…

all over her heart…

And now

she moves

through hell

and into heaven

climbed the walls to get in

Felt the triumph for all loses

which led to the win…

And so

she runs

binds her heart up

with the spell of love

with the voice of angels

with a heart not afraid to fall.


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