Where’s the Respect?

So often I hear from the older generation the younger generation has no manners. So often I hear from younger generation the older generation has no manners. I believe there is just the existence of human behavior, and age is just a factor and does not justify stereotypes. Both sides are wrong. Both sides need to settle generational differences. There is a divide going on in this country. The divide runs through races, ages, sexes, etc…We ave enough differences between each other to fight over for a lifetime. Our country is diverse and beautiful but also could be a boiling pot. We should embrace the positive. If someone embraces something which is hateful then it is not justified in a civilized society. If your religion says women are lower than men and you live in a country where women gained rights decades ago then move to a different country. Too bad, deal with it. You choose a religion which disagrees with society but that doesn’t give you a right to push it onto others,  and it doesn’t give you the right to treat a women/men like less than your own gender.

I guess I am writing this because I see so much hate and negativity in the world. I take into account the media has a great way of pressing on peoples’ delusional fears. I feel as if it is hard to figure out what is actually happening in the world. So many sources are out there and everything is almost too convenient this time around. To take things at face value is to admit to laziness. Unless you look into it yourself, then I think there is no way of proving anything as reality. It may seem like a tiring way of thinking and it is, but it is better to know than to guess.

I see people everywhere wanting something. They want food, shelter, clothes, and a home. People want to work in a field they feel is suitable. Some don’t want to work and just live, barely getting by, and needing public assistance. But overall, people just want to be sound. They want to live their life with as little of stress as possible. And when stress compounds or it is all a person knows their whole life, this is all they see as the future. It creates a mental virus in a community. A virus which needs special attention and not the media exasperating symptoms. I believe our environments have been compromised. There is no privacy anymore. Everyone knows when you file bankruptcy. Everyone knows when you have a divorce. How? Word of mouth and the media. Both, create this judgmental environment which is not helpful to anyone. Respect needs to be given to the basic foundations of the human experience. We need to understand, emotions are part of life. Just because most people are afraid of admitting emotions doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Overall a lot of problems I see in this world come down to misunderstandings and judgments. To stand against the dark is to be the light. To be understanding is to prevent a mis-understanding. To be approachable is to be non-judgmental.


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