Keep Going

She holds her own hand every day

She knows there is no other way

The sun invites its rays

but it never goes to the brain

and everything seems as if it is all the same

She just keeps going,

every day she tries not to complain,

but the wind keeps blowing her hair around

until she looks insane

and no one sees the storm is on its way

so she preps her sails

to guide her to the right place

And uses the stars above

as they did hundreds of years before

remembering her ancestors gazed at the same sky

before she was even born

and the thought brings some comfort

to know they were lost but still adored

then found their way to salvation

like she will if she just searches for more

more than what is given

more than what she can take


more than money at stake

more about the ability to recreate

a portal to her own heart

through the eyes of others

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