The First Amendment

What happened to free speech in this country? You vote for Trump and you’re labelled a racist, anti-immigrant, gender biased jerk who doesn’t have empathy for people? That is quite the judgment. And that judgment give you the right to invade events others are there to support? How come i don’t see Trump supporters raging at Sanders, Kasich, or Clinton events? That’s right, you don’t that much. And I honestly don’t know who I am voting for but if I said Trump and you called me a racist, I’d laugh in your face. Why? Did he say legal or illegal immigrants? He said ILLEGAL.

Our own system is falling apart clearly. Having people coming into this country to bring drugs, violence, and not work is not helping the middle class at all. People complain our own people are looking for handouts in this country but yet they don’t believe in boarder control? How many people are on public assistance and cannot work, or cannot find work if they can? Why don’t you research how many people die trying to cross the boarder too and if they knew there was secure wall would they still try? Probably not as much.

I understand Mexico has issues throughout the country but why should we open the gates for them, when the problems over there are not resolved? Do you think when our economy goes down the tubes even more, we can just pack up and go to another country? No. Americans would have to earn citizenship elsewhere as well so what gives Mexicans the right to just walk over in our country without proper documentation? We don’t know who these people are? We don’t know their intentions? You can’t treat everyone like a criminal but you cannot treat everyone like an angel as well. There has to be regulations in place and FOLLOWED to secure our country. All countries have some kind of boarder regulation, so if we build a wall we are racist? Then you might as well label every country to have a level of racism. C’mon people, use logic here. Review some history. Humans have been discriminating against each other forever, for all different things, not just the color of skin. We fix a problem then there’s another one created. That’s the reality. There is no utopia. In fact, outside of most utopia areas, there are poverty stricken areas. There will always be problems but running for from for years, isn’t going to solve anything. Just like running into a country illegally isn’t going to last for you. You eventually will get caught.

Going around screaming at people they are racist for voting for a candidate is disgusting. You are standing up against hate yet you are manifesting it in yourself towards others and holding up signs which make you seem like someone who just skims the surface of things. And most of these types of let’s say radical protesters do not do their research and do not even know why exactly they are voting for who they are voting for. They never bothered to look at all candidates drafts of tax reform, healthcare reform, and social reform. They never bother to look and compare all of them and then think of their own values and how they compare. All they do is repeat themselves, and if you watch after a few minutes, they become heated. They start screaming and it is no longer a conversation, but abuse. Abuse of the First Amendment.

Take a look at this:

These examples give an idea of what the court deems as freed speech or not. To be in a crowd, and yell racist could start a confrontation which could hurt innocent bystanders? I think so. You scream hate words at anyone, you will either have them walk away and no longer speak to you, scream back, or punch you. Don’t create the situation. Use your knowledge and not your tongue aka have some class.

Like I said, I don’t know who I am voting for yet, but with whomever I choose I have the right to make the decision with my First Amendment right not to be infringed upon. And if you think otherwise, then you, my friend are not who you think you are, have not done enough self-reflection and enough research. Nor had life experiences which taught you to never lose what perceptions you have of the world in order to conform to the perceptions of others. Never lose your values in a fight unless you misspoke but fight for your values if you are confident in them. Fighting can be symbolic, rather than abusive.

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