The Outside

She stares outside through the blinds

She opens the curtains….

and the sun blinds her with its rays

Her eyes are swollen from the night before,

always having some grief seeping out of them,

just in time to potentially pour…

Then later, maybe, she will have a few moments to smile…

but it has been a while trying to sustain a heart in its little cast

All the eyes always staring at her, now seem almost as blinding as the past

She cannot look into them. Nor force them to look away…..

But the rays that once provided relief, now remind her of troubled times coming her way

been down this road before and no one ever tells you which turn to take

been down several outlets with dead ends, nothing but a lake

and I always stare into the water, trying to avoid becoming fake

So my heart grows sullen trying to make the world not hate

So silly have I become trying to fit in the mold that wouldn’t last

So silly have I become trying to be accepted by things in the past



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