Fallout 4

As always, it has an engaging plot at first. You wake up in a incubator like machine keeping you alive, and you husband is dead. Well depending on which character you choose, male or female, will determine who is dead. The customization of your character could take hours if you wanted it to. You can literally make your dream character. I, personally, made a blonde female like myself (not naturally blonde, STFU). I made her appear to look like a 50’s woman, with an elegant but stern, do not mess with me  look. I figured she must have a little attitude. Anyways, the baby is missing. Your son. Pretty simple objective: find him.

I suggest turning off multiple quests at the same time. As this does get confusing. I find it easier to stick with one objective at a time. This might take forever. I am aware of that. Which is one of my other issues with the game. As you can tell, I am trying to get the negative out of the way. The game does take awhile to load. I have encountered moments of glitching. Ex. stuck between a tree and a mound of dirt. Also I have had it stop loading and do a continuous circle of crap. When I would approach a character to initiate a quest, sometimes it would take awhile to engage action. This over a period of time playing, can honestly become frustrating and time consuming. Perhaps, more time should have been spent on making sure the game ran smoothly before release. I suspect this was rushed. But, still, it is an impressive, action filled game. With the large sized map it is worth the purchase honestly.

The atmosphere is beautifully desolate. You can a feel that you will have to reinvent your thinking to survive. Think carefully about what skills you pick first. Make sure to see what skill you need to create a water purification system, and essential systems that could generate huge amounts of water, food, etc…Set up stores once your cities become populated enough. Build defenses but pay attention to the power defenses. They last longer and are stronger against attack. The smaller, self powered turrets are easy to take out. Do not build too many at first. Save your supplies.

Think of the same as a survivalist would. I did, as well as tried to make up for my character’s weaknesses. She was at first like a brute then transitioned into a resourceful compassionate person. The compassion gave me bonus points with my friends in the game and as corny as it sounds it did make a difference in gameplay. No one likes to be unliked even in a game, haha.

Overall, I give this game an A. There is room for improvements but overall, compared to other games on the market I would say it is worth the purchase. Whether it is worth the full amount, depends on your personal financial situation. Hope this helps the gamers out there. 🙂

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