So this one is for the gals out there…Or the guys who want to know what could be wrong with their girlfriends…

Trust me, I don’t want to go into detail. This is not seventeen magazine for gods sake. And these are just suggestions. Please speak to your doctors directly and use your own judgment too. Let’s just say this is a mature woman’s take on birth control options. This is a straight and narrow review of options out there by me. Considering I hate them all, this should be easy. Do not take estrogen if you have migraines. If you are, and your doctor knows, please ask another doctor if you think it is worth investigating. If you take a progestin only only or the mini pill and feel depressed, stop taking it for over a week and see what happens to you mood (use backup).  If you take the shot, don’t renew it if you feel there are side effects and explore other options. If you feel like something hijacked your senses and everything is quite sensitive to you, it probably is. Don’t listen to people who say, suck it up. You don’t have to. You change it up. It is like being an investigator, trying to find out what is best for yourself. Don’t drive yourself and your partner cray cray.

I also suggest if you are a petite woman to think twice before using hormones. We metabolize rapidly, our weight is less, and options out there are not geared towards us yet. I would suggest looking into things like diaphragms, spermicides, condoms, etc…first. It is kind of comical though how birth control works. It basically fools the body into thinking it is already pregnant. This is my personal option, but I find this weird. And I believe it has some hidden consequences for future discovery. I could be wrong but everything can be improved upon and perhaps it just isn’t quite there yet, but just enough to be on the market.

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