Marina Joyce Situation

Most of you will wonder why I chose to zero in on this. I chose this topic because I find it incredibly real and frustrating at the same time. There are people right now calling police to her home and setting up sites trying to get police back to her home. I understand being a good Samaritan but c’mon to what level is it okay to advocate for other people who  might have something going on in their lives which is none of your business. For some reason, when someone becomes famous from their personality, some people become obsessive with the qualities that person possesses. Them then bring it to the level of a need to know everything about them basis, as if they are dating them. These followers are intense, protective, and some mean well but overall are toxic. Toxic to a human being which is no longer at their best point in their life, but is trying to convey this to an audience. Think about the immense pressure she has upon her to appear a certain way all the time.

Let’s face it. Marina isn’t how she was. Her skin doesn’t look as taken care of, she has bruises, she looks like she has had some weight loss, and she acts frantic. I do not blame her for acting frantic. The girl has been in the spotlight now for years, having to maintain this ideal state, while going through traumatic human experiences. And this is not a stretch. She felt she was assaulted by Sam Pepper (another youtuber). I won’t go into detail but it is almost as if after the assault, she felt guilty for being angry at him. Why? She even met up with him one more time after that, and concluded he was not a nice person. Why did she even feel it necessary to reach out to him again? If she felt a certain way, she needed confidence in that thought. She is beautiful, intelligent, innovative, yet has no confidence. I think this brings to light a situation which is happening around the country, to all genders, and to all people. This lack of self worth epidemic is what leads people to bad situations, bad decisions, and mental health issues. To really understand and fix a problem like this, people have to think about what motivates them to become involved with others who are not beneficial.

Perhaps, alcohol was involved. Her mother did state she goes to parties, is vulnerable, and she is looking out for her. Sam Pepper as well did say she has addition problems. Even if he could be a monster, he could still speak some truth. But because there is no real proof of alcohol abuse as of yet, this is mere speculation. Oftentimes, in  assaults, alcohol is a contributor. And the abusers make their victims feel as if it is their fault it happened because of their own addition.

I do personally feel, her eye movements are off as well. No, I do not think a terrorist is in the background but rather an issue with rapid eye movement. This could be a neurological issue, response to medication withdrawal, withdrawal in general, a response to stress, etc…But whatever the reason, I hope it gets resolved. I hope in time, she is able to become calm and find a way to cope with being in the spotlight.

I think people do not realize, youtubers, famous people, are real people with emotions. They might make videos acting confident, but then go cry afterwards. They might make a video crying, and then get angry about it later. They are human beings. And they are allowed to decide what is private and what is public. If she chooses to not answer what happened to her, that is her choice. To try to beat is out of her is horrific. I think the girl rushed her healing process too soon personally and now is facing changes all at once. It has happened to almost all of us. Compassion is the driving force behind supporting change and that my friend, is all that matters. She said she needs compassion at this time not speculation, and I respect that.




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