Brilliant Minds and Time

Time spins

with the rotation of my spoon

in this mornings coffee

as I wonder where time went

how much money was spent already…

on the intellect game….

as we all are trying to play it cool

when we all know the market is a lame

game of pool,

where your stick is broke to begin with

while the other guy remains cool

with his ego in his head

feeling so owed, he sometimes doesn’t get out of bed

And for some dumb reason

the idiots got a lot of bread

went to some prestigious school

to make sure everything is in his head

Never had to worry about any debt

causing opportunities to be dead

never had to worry about

the threat, just the fortune at hand..

never had fear in full on command

never tried to piece a secured life

out of some kind of game of pretend….

hoping that the cards in the deck

will bring some kind of luck in the end…

but knowing all along

some opportunities were long gone

before birth,

and it is like a curse

to charge for obtaining some kind of intelligence…

while the great thinkers are among us

Creating their own genesis

Out of just a brilliant mind and time,

something more valuable than any education combined

something more valuable than a paper wrapped in invisible twine.

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